Before you go, would you like to learn more about Queens Academy?
Queens Academy is your sacred space to dive into your headspace, heart space and your womb space in a sacred container with other empowered women doing the same.

There are weekly calls, home play, connection, free gifts, incredible interviews and loads more.

Queens Academy enrolments are open, are you coming?

Kelly Atwood 

Alicia's role in my life has been extremely impactful and transformative. The immensity of her heart, combined with her fierce, no BS approach is one of a kind. What I love most about Alicia's coaching is that she refuses to relate to you as anything less than your highest, most powerful self, and while that can be super confronting and triggering when you're in your stuff, it's the highest service one could ever receive. Alicia boldly, yet lovingly, walks you through your process in a way that puts you at choice, and has you inspired to step up and take full ownership of your life and your results.

Wendy Miller 

Alicia is a light house. She is solid to her core. Impeccable with her word. Shines the light on the situation from all angles. Shines light on ALL situations - even the ones you cannot see. Alicia is a healer - intuitive, loving, safe & genuinely caring. She is also a bad ass empowerment goddess and will raise her strength for you when you most need to hear it. Work with Alicia and you WILL transform. It's inevitable because she truly is the teacher holding space for when you, the student are ready to blow your own beautiful mind and step into all that you ever desire and deserve for your life.
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